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The students of the subject of Introduction to Tourism of the first year of the career of Engineering in Business Administration of the University of La Serena, by Professor Wilson Rojas Catelicán, participated in the project "Paleontological Walks in Rio Hurtado" presented by the Fundación Sendero de Chile to the Sports Fund of the Regional Government of Coquimbo, 2013 year.

During the trekking of almost 3 kms., Developed in the Natural Monument Pichasca in the commune of Río Hurtado, the students received instructions and techniques of walking and enjoyment of nature through the principles Do not Leave Trail, on behalf of the territorial manager of the Sendero de Chile Foundation, Manuel Rojas Martínez. In addition, they reported the great paleontological importance of the monument and the importance of safeguarding natural and cultural attractions, such as the remains of petrified trees, fossil dinosaur bones and archaeological remains, as well as knowing a valley with high tourism potential .

2 walkAnother important milestone in the tour was a healthy snack with local products, such as: walnuts, pomegranates, fig cakes, oranges, mote con huesillos, among other products made by female entrepreneurs from the municipality of Río hurtado. took the opportunity to share with the local community and learn about their vision of the tourism development of the commune.

'' It is important to be able to take the students to the field and to visualize in reality what is learned in the classrooms, to be in contact not only with nature, which is of great beauty and diversity, promoting the care of the environment environment, but also to be in contact with local communities and to know firsthand their strengths and weaknesses as tourism entrepreneurs, since when they return to the classroom, students will have a different vision of how to develop tourism in a more sustainable way. ', said the professor in charge of the subject, Wilson Rojas.

This initiative was also supported by the director of the Engineering in Business Administration, Manuel Álvarez Cortés, who said that "it is important that our training professionals can actively participate in the recognition of field experiences, in order to apply his knowledge and commit his support in the projection of the tourist activity of our Region of Coquimbo ".