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The U. de La Serena exceeded the one thousand 750 new students enrolled. This year the enrollment process was optimized by applying new technological supports.

More than a thousand 750 new students enrolled in the careers of the University of La Serena, in a process that was characterized by the speed of the process thanks to the digitalization and incorporation of new technologies.

For the Rector of the ULS Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, "this successful process reflects that young people and their families continue to recognize the prestige of our institution and trusting us to deliver quality training."

matricula2He also highlighted the development of the enrollment process and the implementation of new technologies, "which has allowed new students and their families to perform each of the procedures more expeditiously and in less time. As an institution, we work every day to improve our processes in the context of quality assurance, and this 2019 enrollment process is proof of that ".

The registration process was carried out in the Ignacio Domeyko Campus, where a large number of young people attended to make their entrance to the state campus.

One of the students who enrolled in the ULS was Francisca Barcaza, who traveled from Arica. "I wanted to come to the University of La Serena and study Architecture, there are good teachers (...). I'm very happy to enter. "

number enrolled3While Isaac Araya, who graduated from Colegio San José, will be a new student of law school. "I chose this University because I know how it works and I know it is good, as well as having friends and family who study here," said the young man.

For his part, Maximiliano Salgado enrolled in Pedagogy in Music Education, "because it is the career he wanted and taught here, then they were all suitable conditions to study here. I want classes to start later. "

The registration process included the participation of units such as the Teaching Directorate, the Financial Normalization Unit, the General Directorate for Student Affairs, the Computer and Computing Center, the Accompaniment Program and Effective Access to Higher Education (PACE ULS), Institutional Studies and Planning, Corporate Communications Department and Digital Campus.