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More than 700 students postulated Vía Cupo PACE to the ULS.

One hundred and thirteen students are part of the third generation 2019 income Vía Cupo and PSU, belonging to the Program of Accompaniment Access to Higher Education (PACE) of the University of La Serena.

With a high postulation to the different careers of the ULS, more than 700 students preferred the house of higher studies, being effective more than 300 applications.

registration pace2Claudia Toledo, Coordinator of the Higher Education Accompaniment Area PACE ULS, said that "as a program we are happy that so many students belonging to Educational Establishments (EE) attached to the PACE program throughout the country have opted to apply to our University. For this year, the state squad made available 130 extra places to its academic offer, distributed in its forty races. We are happy that the number of students who enter this way to our University is constantly increasing ".

The process that the PACE students had to carry out was the enrollment of all students that enter the ULS, in which the digitization and incorporation of new technologies was highlighted, which facilitated the attention of a large number of young people and their families.

Once the route of the University was completed, the PACE students had to carry out a parallel route of the program, which consists of a brief induction that took place in the PACE stand, a characterization interview by the psychologists and the signing of a letter commitment in which the students accept or not the accompaniment of the program.

registration pace3The Seremi de Educación Coquimbo Region, Claudio Oyarzún, who visited the ULS registration process, stressed that "the Accompaniment Program and Effective Access to Higher Education, well known as PACE, is a tremendous opportunity for young people to access the college".


It should be noted that the vast majority of PACE students are the first in the family nucleus to enter Higher Education.

Jessica Medina, a student who entered the Design career, said: "I am fascinated, happy, because they are opening the doors to a new stage, world; The support of the program has been paramount for me. Now with all the energy for what is coming. "

While Matilde Quispe, mother of Jessica, said that "PACE is a support for young people studying in technical schools, foreigners and immigrants. This program opens the doors for us, I think it is an excellent base since they gave guidance not only to my daughter, but also to the parents and guardians. I appreciate because my daughter will have support with a team of professionals, who will help her get her university degree ".

registration pace4Carolina Cepeda, family member of a student who entered via Cupo PACE, referred to this process: "I think it is a great option for my nephew, PACE opened the doors to Higher Education, since the day one had support, in his application and orientation as to the careers offered by the universities and now in Higher Education the reception of the program team is appreciated ".

Meanwhile, the student who entered Psychology, Camila Pereira, said: "I am happy, because thanks to the program I entered the career I always wanted and, in addition, the program team helped me in everything to be able to make my enrollment properly, with a lot of patience and good vibes. "

Cristina Alfaro, mother of a student who entered Vía Cupo PACE with a degree in Astronomy, delivered her opinion: "I am happy that my son enters the University of La Serena, the accompaniment seems ideal, since the contents of secondary education are not properly delivered and this support they will receive in Higher Education is necessary, in addition I see an enthusiastic team willing to help the kids, so wonderful. "

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