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Santander Scholarship

To deliver the benefit, an emotional ceremony was held.

With the presence of the Academic Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Jorge Catalán Ahumada, the Executive Bank of Banco Santander, Aída Palacio, School Directors, academics, beneficiary students and special guests, the delivery of certificates was held at the University of La Serena. that certify the delivery of the "Practical Scholarship Santander".

At the ceremony, the students received presents from the banking institution and the ULS, as a recognition. In addition, the university authority highlighted the commitment that the study house has with the students and the permanent cooperative relationship with the private institution that grants the scholarships.

santander2 scholarshipFive were the students who received this benefit, who belong to the careers of Commercial Engineering, Journalism, Pedagogy in Spanish and Philosophy, and Auditing.

This scholarship includes the delivery of USD $ 1.000 in a period of 520 hrs. of practical work, so it comes to give a solution to those students who must perform the practice in companies where they are not remunerated their situation.

It is the second year that the scholarship is given to students of the University of La Serena. In this regard, the person in charge of representing the banking entity, the executive Aida Palacio, pointed out that Banco Santander is committed to education and that is why the social responsibility they have is to give incentives to students to be a contribution to the training of new professionals, highlighting their effort and desire to excel, together with promoting education in an integral way.

In this process of awarding scholarships, the Office of Graduate Monitoring was the articulator to make the call for application from the Academic Vice-Chancellor, gathering the necessary documentation and, through a commission, choosing the favored ones.

During the ceremony he was present and also addressed the guests, a former scholarship holder and current ULS graduate journalist, Ricardo Muñoz, who during the 2017 received the monetary incentive, stressing that "this help is essential for those who can not opt ​​for a paid practice. Many times "poor students" as it was in my case, thanks to this contribution, we can close a circle of effort and start a new stage; In my case, I managed to do my practice, I managed to get a degree, and without the contribution and help from the bank and the ULS I could not have done it, since I was my own support during my university life. I can only say that as long as we want, the effort is always rewarded. "

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