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research projects

Young scientists trained in different countries, such as Australia and Argentina, arrive in the Coquimbo Region to begin their research, sponsored by the ULS.

Five doctors from different parts of the world will come to the University of La Serena to develop their research, funded by the Postdoctoral Program of FONDECYT (National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development). This will allow them to start their research projects this 2019 under the leadership of ULS researchers from different areas of knowledge, including Energy and Environment, Cosmology and Particles, Astronomy, and Earth Sciences.

"It is important to mention that with the development of the five Doctorate programs currently offered by the University, an important pole of development has been created in the region, both in research and training of advanced human capital, which makes the ULS very attractive for many young doctors who wish to carry out their research projects together with researchers from the institution. So much so that for the present contest there were 17 doctors interested in developing their projects with researchers from this house of studies ", commented the Vice-Rector of Research and Postgraduate of the state school, Dr. Eduardo Notte.

FONDECYT is the main source of financing for scientific research in Chile. Every year a call is made to finance young doctors to carry out projects with a view to their labor insertion in the academic or other field, through their incorporation into consolidated research groups that will contribute to their scientific development and that, at their Once, they will be strengthened by their participation. In this way, this contest seeks to stimulate the productivity and scientific leadership of young researchers.

The doctors who come to the Coquimbo Region to develop their projects in the ULS are Mohammad Ashfaq and Neetu Talreja, who will work under the aegis of the researchers Carlos Rodríguez and Adriana Mera, both associated with the PhD program in Energy, Water and Environment ; María José Guzmán and Valeria Mesa, who will work with researchers Yerko Vázquez and José Luis Nilo, both from the Department of Physics and Astronomy and associated to the Doctorate programs in Astronomy and Master's in Physical Sciences, respectively; and Álvaro Salazar, who will develop his project under the patronage of Julio Gutiérrez, who is part of the cloisters of the Doctorate programs in Biology and Applied Ecology and Doctorate in Biological Sciences, Mention in Ecology of Arid Zones.