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The meeting allowed for closer ties with fifty educational establishments.

The Office of Graduate Monitoring of the University of La Serena was invited to participate in the monthly meeting of the Limarí School Network, an activity carried out in the Limarí Campus of the higher education house, located in the city of Ovalle. On that occasion, professionals from the Office team had the possibility of presenting the job portal trabajo.userena.cl to directors, teachers and teams of participating pedagogical technical units.

Natalia Carvajal, psychologist and in charge of the Coaching Program of the Graduate Monitoring Office, states that `` the purpose of this intervention was to publicize the employment portal and thereby allow the school representatives themselves to enter the portal and make your requirement of professionals or students in practice at the University of La Serena. ''

On the other hand, Carvajal adds, the work of the Office was disseminated within the almost 50 educational centers belonging to the Limarí School and Licensing Network, thereby strengthening the reach of the Liability Network for Employability of the University of La Serene