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Officials of the General Directorate of Student Affairs (five) and the Department of Supply (one) of the University of La Serena, participated in the '' Intensive course preparation test of accreditation users buyers of the system of procurement and public procurement of Chile ", training carried out in the city of Santiago on 23 and 24 days in April.

In this course, given by the SERPROF company and whose trainer was Mayerly López Molinello, participated Víctor Bermont Órdenes, Oscar Daza Gallardo, Paulina Pizarro Torres, Carla Rodríguez Marín and Andrés Vega Araya (DGAE), and Patricia Plaza Salinas (Supply).

The program is designed according to the content of the accreditation test, thus, it includes practical reinforcement exercises to train the cognitive and psychomotor part of each participant, casuistry workshops, test test similar to the test. Likewise, the participant is expected to have solid knowledge in the process of supply management, substantially improving their professional performance regarding the efficient and effective acquisition of goods and services through the purchase and public procurement system ChileCompra, the 19.886 law and its regulatory decree .

It should be noted that this training course was suggested by the general director of Student Affairs Mg. Miguel Zuleta Cereceda, in order to prove participation in the Public Shopping Portal.