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On the occasion, the members of the corporation had the opportunity to share experiences at the University of La Serena, the Universidad Católica del Norte, Coquimbo headquarters, and the AURA Observatory.

Within the framework of the commemoration activities of the 20 years of existence of the National University Network (REUNA), the National Assembly of this corporation was held at the University of La Serena, which once a year is held outside of Santiago. On occasion, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of REUNA, José Palacios, pointed out that the objective of developing this type of activities outside the capital, is for members to fully join the program of activities defined for the day, in addition to knowing in the field the progress made by the institutions that are members of REUNA. "This is an opportunity for the partners to share experiences and jointly establish future actions, in favor of strengthening advanced digital connectivity for science and education in Chile; a key element for the development of the institutions that today work in a network ", emphasized Palacios.

2 reunionIn this context, the National University Network sees it as a great opportunity for the assembly to be held at least once a year outside of Santiago, since it allows for the integration of all the institutions of the corporation, regardless of the geographical area in which it is located. find It is also an occasion for the host institution to share its achievements and challenges with its peers.

At the reception organized at the University of La Serena, the academic vice-rector of the House of Higher Studies, Dr. Jorge Catalán, on behalf of the Rector, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, emphasized that "for us it is of the utmost importance to be part of this Network of institutions, since we are aware that interuniversity collaboration is essential to achieve the advances expected in the field of science, education and culture, "he explained.

Regarding the commemoration activities of the XUNUMX years of REUNA, its president commented that "this is a year in which REUNA passes to a state of greater development, with a rather quantum leap, with achievements in several senses; one in the network infrastructure it represents, the arrival of universities that did not initially participate in REUNA (...) and the incorporation of institutions dedicated to the development of science, such as astronomical centers (...), in this sense we are very happy of having achieved these achievements, "said Palacios.

The manager added that "thanks to this visit to the Fourth Region we realized how developed the University of La Serena is and we were able to get in touch with its professors and students."

Program Activities

3 reunionThe Network, made up of 30 institutions, including universities, research centers and astronomical groups, participated in different activities during their visit to the cities of La Serena and Coquimbo. This is how their representatives met the Guayacán Campus of the Universidad Católica del Norte and the Andres Bello and Ignacio Domeyko Campus of the University of La Serena, where they visited the Irma Salas Central Library and the Kinesiology and Odontology careers laboratories, spaces where They interacted with students and academics of both careers, who were able to show the technological advances implemented for these undergraduate programs of the ULS.

They also met the AURA offices in La Serena and Cerro Tololo, located in the Vicuña district, where they conducted a guided tour of the Observatory's facilities.


REUNA is a corporation made up of universities, research centers of excellence and international astronomy groups. The National University Network offers the country a leading digital platform that articulates, connects and fosters collaboration among the entities of the national science, education and culture system, and inserts them into the world through innovative services.