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Leading exhibitors participated in this activity of the students of the ULS Journalism career.

In the context of what was the commemoration of World Press Freedom Day, elective students "Workshop for the organization of corporate events, ceremonial and protocol", by the Mg. Karina Damke, organized the conversation "The role of the journalist in times of misinformation", which had as speakers the leading regional professionals, Leonardo Pastén and Roberto Rojas.

journalism2The theme revolved around the exercise of the profession and the difficulties that arise during the journalistic work. One of the speakers was Leonardo Pastén, a regional journalist who investigated the Cox case, and who told the process of this investigation and what he was faced with after this. "Today the world of communications has a vital and fundamental duty, the call to change this country. Radio is the most reliable means of communication, but so can television, the written press. My call is that, to the journalist to fulfill his role of formation, to seek the truth, not to be afraid. It's difficult, but you can, "Pastén advised.

Regarding the organization of the activity that was in charge of the students, the Director of the School Journalism, Mg. Cristian Muñoz, stressed the importance because these instances "directly link what is seen in the classroom with the future work performance, which is a real scenario, situations, guests and real time margins, which undoubtedly helps the fulfillment of our profile of graduation because in it the competences and characteristics desired of our students can be developed for when they are already graduates of the School and enter the labor field ".

The activity carried out in the TV Studio of the School was well received by the student body, assistants and the community in general.

Written by Consuelo Peña, School of Journalism