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nurse award

Dr. Lizet Véliz was decorated during the celebration of the International Day of the Nurse, held by the National College of Nurses.

The academic of the Department of Nursing of the University of La Serena, Dr. Lizet Véliz Rojas, won the National Nursing Award 2019 "Marta Figueroa", an award given by the Scientific Committee of the College of Nurses of Chile to the most influential author of the period 2017- 2018 in topics of the science of care.

nurse2 awardDr. Véliz was the main author of the scientific article "Intercultural competences in primary health care: a challenge for higher education in the face of cultural diversity contexts", published in the scientific journal Cadernos de Saude Publica, which has indexation in Web Of Science, the most prestigious index internationally and that was considered by the commission in awarding the prize.

The publication of the academic is focused on the way in which higher education institutions should train students of health sciences so that they can perform successfully in contexts of cultural diversity, very influenced by the international migrations that have arisen. In this sense, it is a challenge for educational institutions to analyze their curricular meshes and reorient them towards a holistic education that incorporates respect for the cultural diversity existing in Chilean society today.

The award ceremony was held during the commemoration of the International Day of the Nurse, in the city of Concepción.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom