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The training activity will have a quota of forty people.

The Entrepreneurship Office of the University of La Serena, in conjunction with CORFO Region Coquimbo, will hold the workshop '' Elevator Pitch '', led by rapporteur Héctor Sepúlveda Velásquez, creator and Head Coach of the '' Power Pitch Method ''. This free workshop will be aimed at higher education students who participated in the program '' Startup Phase 0: Prepare to Undertake ''.

The '' Power Pitch Method '' method consists in learning to explain business ideas to an investor in record time, create a summary in a clear, rational and concise way of a business project, in addition to putting different techniques into practice for the construction of a Pitch script (speech), applied to real business projects, products or services.

The '' Power Pitch Method '' has as a philosophy to consider any Elevator Pitch or presentation, as a scenic fact. This means that it has a script and a performance or execution by one or several people, and precisely that fact is ignored or despised by many, until they fail with their presentations. The method proposes to develop a pitch, such as a play, write a good script and then execute a good performance of this creation, incorporating new tools that entrepreneurs must manage when presenting themselves with their potential clients.

This activity has a limit of forty people and can participate all those who have a business idea validated with the Startup methodology, used in the previous activities. It may be the idea they developed in the workshop or a new one.

The workshop is free and the 23 May day of 2014 will be developed, from the 14: 30 to the 19: 00 hrs. at the Club La Serena Hotel, Avda. del Mar 1000, La Serena.

Registrations are made by sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., indicating the name and the 2 last names of the participants of the group. For inquiries, you can contact the Entrepreneurship Office of the University of La Serena on phone 2-334718.