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praise the bar

'' Praise of the bar: bars and poets of Chile '' is a massive and forceful book that brings together more than 50 national authors.

Together, the professors of the University of La Serena, Francisco Roco and Walter Hoefler, of Journalism and Pedagogy in Spanish and Philosophy, respectively, in addition to the poet Jaime Retamales, are organizing the visit of the poet, editor Gonzalo Contreras L., who ends to edit the book '' Elogio del bar: bares y potas de Chile '' (Santiago de Chile, Editorial Etnika, 2014), a unique compilation, between anthology and collective treatise, about the validity of the bar among Chilean poets, its meaning for the national culture, as well as a reflection on everyday life, what has been called cultural criticism or poetic anthropology, in some way.

It is a massive and forceful book and brings together more than 50 national authors, from the best known to the least known, among which there are also five residents in the region: Javier del Cerro, Walter Hoefler, Jaime Retamales, Alvaro Ruiz and Cristián Vila.

The purpose of this invitation is to share the book with the students of the indicated careers and to make it possible to know first-hand from an experienced editor what are the selection criteria, the organization of the material and how it is projected.

'' Contreras is the author and editor of at least three significant books: his recovery of the writings of the writer Claudio Giaconi: Claudio Giaconi, invisible writer and who had a well-deserved recognition as book of the year 2010. He has also compiled an anthology of the so-called declassified Chilean Poetry 1973-1990 (2006), which brings together Chilean poetic texts written during the dictatorship, as well as another, dedicated to the 'Poetics of Chile' in the 2010, in a bilingual edition. Texts chosen as representative, reflective, self-referring to the way of writing, to the meaning of poetry, "said the academic, Dr. Walter Hoefler.

The main activity will take place in the Television Studio of the Journalism course, Campus Andrés Bello, on Thursday 22 in May, at the 11: 30 hours, with an extensive invitation to the general public.