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The damages recorded so far have been minor and the authorities of the institution call on the university community to defend the quality of public education and protect the heritage that belongs to the entire Coquimbo Region.

Before the restitution of the Andrés Bello Campus of the University of La Serena, taken by force last May 30, and after the Carabineros procedure that allowed the dependencies to be recovered impeccably, the institution began to resume its work normally and execute the cadastre of the damages to make a general evaluation.

As is known by all, the University made a permanent call to dialogue, however, considering that there were hooded people exercising violence and jeopardizing the integrity of the people surrounding the place, the Board of Directors and the collegiate bodies gave full support to the Rector and deans, to request the restitution of public order in the Andrés Bello Campus of the ULS.

“We believe that there is a central point here and that is that the University of La Serena is the public university of the Coquimbo Region, linked not only to the public policies of the region; 80% of the enrollment is for young people in the region, therefore, to protect the right to study, but also freedom of expression, pluralism and diversity is what has always been tried to do. But everything has a limit, there can be no violence, there can be no bad attitude towards the community, because the University has always fostered spaces for dialogue, ”said ULS Board President, Ernesto Velasco, categorically regarding the decision to request the restitution of spaces taken as hooded.

Also, the Rector Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, made a call to the university community to take care of the University. “This is a heritage of the region and the country, a space for learning and where knowledge is shared, and that is why the call is always to dialogue, where all issues can be approached, but with respect to the community that is entitled of continuing to function, ”he said.

The university authority also referred to the situation in which the Isabel Bongard Campus continues, units occupied by a group of students. The Rector was clear to mention that the house of studies is open to dialogue and establish mechanisms, "and although we have very limiting regulations, there is a willingness to talk and come up with solutions."

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