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The authority met with Rector Nibaldo Avilés, with whom he discussed the possibility of establishing an alliance to spread Korean culture in the community.

A relaxed meeting held the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, with the Minister Counselor, representative of the Korean Ambassador to Chile, David Yang, who during the visit to the Coquimbo Region met with the maximum university authority with the purpose of strengthening collaboration ties and promoting future actions with the state campus.

Korea Ambassador3At the meeting, where they talked about Korean culture and its relationship with our country, the university authority, together with the delegation that received Ambassador (s) Yang, thanked the visit and highlighted their willingness to offer the conference "Political Context, Economic and Cultural of Korea ”, aimed at students and academics of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences.

In the meeting held with the Rector Aviles, the Minister Counselor spoke of the need to continue linking with regions and, above all, with the houses of regional studies, which are those that deliver knowledge and disseminate cultures. The possibility of establishing an alliance that is related to Korean culture was also discussed, highlighting that the University of La Serena is linked to Japan and carries out activities around Japanese culture.

In this regard, the Rector said that as part of the international relationship, the University has open doors to host those activities that allow the university and regional community to learn more about the culture of other countries.

The Minister Counselor of Korea was accompanied by the Head of International Cooperation of the same embassy, ​​Leonardo Salinas, and on behalf of the ULS participated the Dean of the FACSE, Dr. Luperfina Rojas, the Academic Vice Chancellor, Dr. Alejandra Torrejón and the person in charge of the Office of International Relations, Mg. José Mora

Written by Patricia Castro, DirCom