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Korea talk1

As part of its international exchange work, the University of La Serena coordinated the visit of the Minister Counselor David Yang, who gave the conference "Political, Economic and Cultural Context of Korea" to the students of the careers of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Economic

The activity was carried out with a high call, in which the Dean of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Dr. Luperfina Rojas Escobar, among other authorities and students participated.

Korea talk2The instance allowed to expose to the assistants the political, economic and cultural antecedents that have forged Korea, allowing to enhance it as a developed country with a great commercial strength.

The Dean of the FACSE, Dr. Luperfina Rojas, stressed the importance of the activity for academics and especially for students. "Today we have been able to learn more about different details about Korea, recognize how it is today, and thereby review our own challenges, intertwining experiences, knowledge and capabilities that each country has," he said.

For the Minister Counselor of the Korean Embassy, ​​David Yang, conducting conferences in the university context is of great importance for a real cultural exchange. “Diplomatic work is not among the central governments, but among the people. This is a natural part of our work to get closer to people and they know about Korea and it is based on that cultural exchange to promote greater commercial exchange, investments and everything that comes as an aggregate, ”he emphasized.

The activity allowed forging expectations that could generate and establish a cultural and academic exchange between the Korean embassy and the University of La Serena, in favor of generating synchrony and harmonious work from academia, studies and experiences.

Written by Paula Godoy, Journalist ULS