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The professors, Dr. Haylen Perines and Dr. Laura Espinoza, were invited to present their respective research projects developed within the framework of various educational instances.

With the purpose of exchanging knowledge and experiences, and promoting research in the area of ​​education, the researchers from the Integrated Pedagogy Management Unit (UGIP) moved to Spain to participate in different meetings, conversation tables, congresses and encounters.ugip espana2

On the one hand, Dr. Perines presented the first advances of the Fondecyt initiation project “Presence and importance of educational research in pedagogical training and its assessment by students and teachers” at the XIX International Congress of Educational Research AIDIPE 2019, organized by the Interuniversity Research Association in the city of Madrid. On the occasion, the researcher delved into the importance and presence of educational research in teacher training programs.

“The congresses are very relevant instances for a researcher because they share research experiences from which it is possible to learn a lot and exchange ideas (…) The situation of teacher training in Chile is not very different from others Ibero-American countries, therefore, my presentation aroused the interest of other professionals regarding educational research training as a relevant issue that has not yet been sufficiently studied, ”said the professor.

Dr. Espinoza also participated in the AIDIPE Congress with the work “Cooperative learning in training in Inclusive Educational Management: Experience in the framework of a FLIP class”, and also presented “Flipped clasroom and cooperative work in Chilean higher education” at the International Congress CINDU 2019 University Teaching (University of Vigo), both in collaboration with the academic Alexis Araya (Central University of Chile). Also, of this last instance, the researcher was a panelist at the round table "Innovative Experiences in the University Classrooms", together with academics from the University of Zaragoza (Spain) and the University of Braganza (Portugal).ugip espana3

On the other hand, at the V Meeting of the Inche Network (Network of Chilean Researchers in Spain) he developed the workshop "How do we learn? A look from Cognitive Neuroscience" at the University of Barcelona. Finally, the researcher made a technical stay at the Department of Evolutionary and Educational Psychology (University of Valencia), in which she held working meetings with Dr. Amparo Ygual with the purpose of discussing collaborative research issues (preparation of articles , from a book financed by DIDULS and design of future research).

“In my professional work, participating in these instances contributes, on the one hand, to create new links with other international university institutions and to maintain existing ones, which allow research in partnership. And it also allows dissemination in academic instances of what has been done so far in the framework of the research for the PIP FIP ULS 1501. In that sense, the experience was quite gratifying, ”concluded the researcher.

Written by Daniela Ledezma, UGIP