1 engineering day

The activity organized by the Zonal Coquimbo of the College of Engineers of Chile, allowed to recognize the work of outstanding professionals who practice in the Coquimbo Region and share knowledge and experiences around the different areas of professional practice.

In the premises of the Technology Center of the Faculty of Engineering of the U. de La Serena, this 14 was held in May the ceremony with which the College of Engineers of Chile, Zonal Coquimbo, commemorated the National Day of Engineering, an act that had as purpose to recognize the task performed by these professionals and their contribution to society.

The first speaker of the day was the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés Pizarro, who reaffirmed the recognized prestige in the field of engineering education, which characterizes the University and which has known how to maintain, fortify and update innovating in the curricula, in the teaching methodologies and the development of skills, contributing in the generation of the engineer profile that Chile requires.

'' The University of La Serena, through its Faculty of Engineering, has endeavored to provide its students with the best teaching, through its valuable academics, top-level equipment and opportunities to approach the world of work, to large companies and the local, national and international media, "he said.

2 engineering dayAnother point to highlight "is the fluid and close relationship that has been established with alumni, bearers and disseminators of the heritage in Engineering that this institution is proud to bequeath to each of the generations that make it up," he said. the Rector Avilés.

Subsequently, the Sports Seremi, ing. Herman Osses, on behalf of the Mayor Hanne Utreras, gave a greeting to the College of Engineers, highlighting "the commitment and leadership they have had to materialize great projects and consolidating the Coquimbo Region as a pole of development" . The authority also stressed the value of engineers for their professionalism, straightforwardness, responsibility and commitment to work.

For its part, the regional president of the College of Engineers of Chile Zonal Coquimbo, ing. Raúl Vergara Contreras, through his presentation '' Conjuncture of Productivity and Economic Growth '', analyzed the different aspects of both essential factors to understand the economic development of our country.

Then a distinction was awarded to two outstanding Engineers of the Zonal Coquimbo, for his outstanding professional career and his great contribution to the community and the Chilean Engineers Association. This year the recognition went to the engineers Erick Weber Paulus and Luis Díaz Zamora.

The engineer Luis Díaz Zamora, has developed a long academic career, devoting much of his life to teaching and research. Excited appreciated the distinction given by the College of Engineers, noting that through teaching, with the formation of numerous generations of professionals, has delivered its contribution to the country. '' Happy day to all the engineers for the important work that we carry out every day in different specialties that contribute in a very significant way to the development of the country and the world. You can not imagine our planet without us, the engineers, "he said.

3 engineering dayWhile Erick Weber P., general of CAP Mining, thanked "the Chilean College of Engineers for this recognition on behalf of the entire team of people that are part of CAP Mining, a company that has been in the region for more than 55. Several challenges have engineers and future professionals in today's society, where we must be more complete and be attentive to various issues such as environment, social management, quality, corporate social responsibility. In addition, we must improve communication between students and companies, strengthening the University - Business relationship, because engineering plays a very important role in the development of the country. Lastly, I hope that both in engineering and in mining we project ourselves towards a long-term country. ''

The activity concluded with the Master Class of Eng. Alberto Cortés Álvarez, dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of La Serena and partner of the Zonal Coquimbo, who offered the detailed conference "History, Current Affairs and Perspectives of Mining." This work appears in the Magazine No. 8 of the College of Engineers of Chile AG-Zonal Council Antofagasta-Coquimbo, corresponding to the bi-monthly publication May-April 2014.

The dean noted that "the year 2013 exported US $ 81.116 million dollars in products, and of that more than 40 one billion dollars was only for copper. Within the 10 8 national export products are miners. Hence the importance of the reserves that our country has in the present ". The executive also noted, in reviewing the origins of mining in Chile, that our country needs to further develop its mining culture and ensure the training of excellent professionals to strengthen this economic activity.

The commemorative activity was attended by regional authorities, directors, academics, students and special guests.