In total, 20 was the organizations that sought to encourage the active participation of the community, through interventions in the Plaza de Armas de Coquimbo.

Encourage the active participation of the community, generating an ecosystem of debate and collaborative learning in action to solve real challenges of the Coquimbo commune and promote at the regional level the beginning of the EKUN university volunteer organization of the University of La Serena, were the main objectives of the meeting "Citizens in action: Empowered Community with Social and Environmental Awareness", an activity organized by the house of studies and the municipality of Coquimbo.

volunteer2It was 20 organizations that were part of this activity open to the community of Buenos Aires, where people were informed about the work done by each of these organizations.

The academic of the Department of Industrial Engineering and Coordinator of Linkage with the FIULS Environment, Ricardo Cabana, said that “in this meeting of citizens in action, we seek that our students of the Faculty of Engineering and citizens of the municipality of Coquimbo, raise environmental problems and our students give us solutions incorporating environmental and social challenges, and the mayor can receive them. ”

Regarding the invitation made by the ULS to be part of this initiative, Juan Catalán, support of the INJUV social programs and initiatives, indicated that “it seems very good to us, since as INJUV we have the mission to address everything that is voluntary and bring public services to the people, we are very grateful for the invitation made by the University of La Serena to bring young people to our institution and we hope they continue doing activities of this kind. ”

In addition, 6 work tables were set up open to the participation of the attendees where different debates on 4 were held to 6 environmental and social challenges relevant to the municipality of Coquimbo, in order to make a focused diagnosis of the topics discussed , creating initiatives that will help solve these challenges.

The start of a new volunteer

volunteer3During the realization of this activity, the work of the volunteer of the University of La Serena “Ekun” began, which sought to present itself to the community, spreading the work that the students of the house of studies seek to carry out make up.

Ekun (which in Mapudungun means respect) is a university volunteer organization created by students of the Industrial Civil Engineering degree at ULS and today is made up of 20 students from the Faculty of Engineering, which seeks to promote and contribute to training of an environmental and social awareness in the students of the house of studies and in the community of the Coquimbo Region, through commitment, active participation and leadership of university students, natural persons and organizations related to sustainable and sustainable development.

For the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Mauricio Godoy, it is important to be able to generate these instances that allow the University to approach the community. “It is important that the University rebuild its social role through instances as volunteers. That is why we are concerned about the projection that our ´Ekun´ volunteer could have, to be able to make it grow and achieve that it is established as a group of the entire University of La Serena, it is very important for our Faculty that this is generated from our careers ” he explained.

Regarding the gestation of this volunteer, Esteban Hurtado, student of Industrial Civil Engineering and general director of Ekun, said that “this is an excellent initiative and a very good opportunity, born in the Department of Industrial Civil Engineering, through students , to promote a social and environmental awareness. This is an innovative experience for the University and for the community. ”

The work of “Ekun” joins the work of other volunteers from the house of studies such as the “Sowing Hope Volunteer” (VOSES), who will seek to broaden their scope of action, including students from other careers of the house of studies.

Written Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom