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Less than 10 days for the second plenary of the Institutional Self-Assessment process, the Sub-Commission for Linking with the Environment continues the work to present its progress.

In subgroups of collaborative analysis, the members of the Subcommittee work to ensure that progress towards institutional accreditation is objective and consistent. The environment is of analysis, reflection and proposals, with an attitude of listening and collaboration for the development of this important institutional process.

In this regard, the Director of Linking with the Environment and Extension and leader of the Subcommittee emphasizes that in the current phase in which the VcM self-assessment subcommittee is working, there are 2 crucial milestones, “the first has to do with the initial construction of instruments of consultation to have the feedback of various key informants, particularly in this subcommittee, the opinion of external actors matters: public, private and the community. These actors will help us see if there is consistency with the opinion of the university community and thus be able to correct the gaps that may exist, and propose improvement plans for this. The second is to create an index of the area for the self-assessment report that allows us to order the work of the coming months and determine where we can find the information to make the first draft. For the next plenary session we are empowering all this team members with this knowledge, which, it should be noted, are participating with high motivation and doing all the requested activities. ”

In the development of this phase, the work of the CICULS team that has put all the installed capacities to facilitate the implementation of the tasks in view of the plenary that will be developed next July 24 has been emphasized.

Written by Natalia Ávila, DirCom