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Maria Zuniga

The academic, who recently participated in the 34a Conference of the International Teacher Training Society in Turkey, will continue in that position for the next two years.

The dean of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of La Serna, Dr. María Zúñiga, was re-elected as president of the Council of Deans of Education of CRUCH, whose directive was ratified unanimously by its members.

The Board of Deans of Education met during 8 and 9 last May at the San Joaquin Campus of the Pontificia Universidad Católica, at which time they agreed, together with representatives of the Ministry of Education, to start work to contribute to the elaboration of the project of Teaching Career that will be sent during this 2014 and in the changes to the Start test.

Presentation at an International Conference in Turkey

On the other hand, Dr. Zúñiga, participated between the 21 and the 25 of April in the 34a Conference of the International Society of Teacher Training, in Antalya, Turkey, where she made a presentation on this matter.

Dr. Zúñiga's presentation, entitled "Building a Learning Community for Teacher Training Programs as an Opportunity to Improve Student Training Processes and Backgrounds", addresses the importance of the degree of univocality that academic bodies can achieve. the respective units in the success of the curricular renewal processes.

"The construction of an academic culture and the collegiality of the members of the units can allow the processes of innovation and / or renovation of the training curricula not only to remain formal, but to improve the pedagogical action, which impacts the cognitive competences , as well as those related to the professional performance of students, "he said.