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In the instance participated representatives of public and private Higher Education institutions of the Coquimbo Region and the Province of San Juan.

Within the framework of the XXIII Meeting of the Integration Committee Paso de Agua Negra, the "Mesa de Universidades" was formed, in which the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, was elected by the members as president of this instance , which seeks to lay the foundations of joint work between Higher Education institutions in the Coquimbo Region and the Province of San Juan.

For his part, he was elected Secretary of the Bureau, the rector of the National University of San Juan, Dr. Oscar Nasisi.

The Table of Universities is constituted by delegates of both countries, among which stand out representatives of universities and professional institutes.

On the occasion, Rector Aviles, emphasized that "the work of this Bureau once again proves that the academic world has no borders and that this is the starting point to a series of new challenges that lie ahead, in the framework of this Paso Agua Negra integration project.

Main themes

rector president 2After an intense day of work, the Commission in which 20 participated more representatives of academic institutions of Chile and Argentina, managed to define a series of relevant topics for the development of a joint work, whose foundation lies in the contribution that can make the academic world that serve for an effective integration between both countries, considering Higher Education as the intellectual engine of the development of the regions involved.

Due to the above, the Universities Bureau, proposed as central areas the areas of Teaching, Research and Linking. In this regard, issues such as: student mobility; academic internships; new offer of undergraduate careers and technical careers; implementation of Postgraduate and Postgraduate programs dictated jointly; initial teacher training; development of research and innovation projects; creation of a Bibliographic and Information Center for Academic Work carried out by both countries; and most importantly, the formalization of a Network of Higher Education Institutions around the "Macro Zona Coquimbo-San Juan"; among other initiatives.

In the working session, the Commission received the visit of the governor of Elqui, Américo Giovine, and the vice-governor of San Juan, Sergio Uñac.

It should also be noted that the University of La Serena, through its academics, also participated in other committees such as Commerce, Production and Tourism, associated with the opportunities and challenges that are presented for both countries and specifically for entrepreneurs of San Juan and the Coquimbo Region.

On the occasion, representatives of the public and private sectors participated, among them, the academic of the Department of Food Engineering, Elena Lara, who pointed out that "the problems that both regions have are very similar, and our production too. We have made contact with Argentine peers who have been interested in the analysis and processing of food. We already established the contact and we hope in September to have something armed in projects, exchange and training, among others. ''