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1 ing bathrooms

With the presence of university authorities, academics and students, the remodeling project of two bathrooms, located on the second floor of the Ignacio Domeyko Campus, was inaugurated.

'' The University of La Serena has gradually been improving the facilities of the Faculty of Engineering, in a joint work developed with the Dean Alberto Cortés and managers of the different departments, in order to deliver quality spaces to our students, because we must have development and growth not only in academics, but also in infrastructure, "said the Chancellor of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés.

The maximum authority added that this project of systematic improvement has allowed the complete remodeling of the first floor of the same building located in Benavente street. "Many academics have expressed their great satisfaction at seeing this beloved building rejuvenated," said the Rector, adding that the Engineering School will continue to grow with infrastructure projects that are expected to be finalized in the medium term and will be added to the renewal of equipment, laboratories, testing machines and others, carried out in 2013.

The works, financed by the Decanatura de Ingeniería, the Directorate of Teaching and the Services Directorate of the University of La Serena, consisted in changing the design of the existing premises, one for men and one for ladies, to which it was incorporated. a cubicle for people with disabilities.

Also, porcelain tile was installed on floors and ceramics on walls, in formats that provide harmony and adequate lighting to the enclosures. The total change of 2 ing bathroomssanitary appliances, with timed saving keys for sinks, urinals and flushometers for WC.

In addition, each of the bathrooms was covered with granite vanity with their respective sinks and was complemented with large mirrors, hand dryers and emergency equipment, accessories that make up this remodeling.

Structurally, numerous changes were implemented, such as the installation of aluminum divisions with melamine, the total replacement of white PVC windows, retaining the facade of the building, the change of luminaires and American false sky, giving a high level of termination.

The remodeling allowed the total renovation of the enclosures that are used by the students that attend classes of the different careers that are taught in the Campus Ignacio Domeyko. "I liked it, the bathrooms are very nice, bigger. We are happy with this change, "said Mining Execution Engineering student Camila Riquelme.

The ribbon cutting with which the new venues were symbolically inaugurated was carried out by the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés; the dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Alberto Cortés; the director of Teaching, Mg. Laura Vega; the director of General Services, Marcos Sepúlveda; and students representing the Student Centers.