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The initiative is in charge of the CEC of Nursing, Kinesiology and Psychology.

self-care'' The Holistic Labyrinth of Health. Advancing towards an integral health "is called the day of self-care for students of the University of La Serena that will be developed next Tuesday 27 of May, in the Campus Isabel Bongard of the house of studies, prepared for them by their own classmates.

The activity is organized by the student careers centers (CEC) of Nursing, Kinesiology and Psychology, with the support of the Psychological and Integral Health Care Center (CAPSI) of the ULS and the sponsorship of the General Directorate of Student Affairs ( DGAE).

In the opportunity, the students of the different careers of the institution will be able to inform about promotion and prevention in integral health, in addition to participating in workshops of Emotions, Relaxation, Posture and Corporality, Sexuality and First Aid.

The opening of the day is scheduled for the 09: 45 hrs., At the front of the Campus Amphitheater (Amunátegui 851, La Serena) and its operating hours will be extended to 12: 30 hrs. in the morning and between the 14: 30 and the 17: 00hrs. afternoon.