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During the 9, 10 and 11 days in May, the Startup Weekend Santiago entrepreneurship contest was held in the city of Santiago, an event that takes place in 478 cities of the world, with the mission of inspiring, educating and empowering individuals, teams and communities in the creation of processes of innovation and technological development.

In the activity participated the director of the career in Engineering in Business Administration, Mg. Andrés Álvarez, with the aim of applying, in practice, along with other professionals, the work system and cutting-edge methodologies implemented in the field of entrepreneurship.

The essential idea of ​​the Startup system is to form a global network of entrepreneurial leaders, which is why it also has the sponsorship of important companies such as Google and Microsoft, among others.

The dynamics of the event consisted of an intensive work of 54 hours, in which entrepreneurs formed teams around an innovative idea, in order to turn it into a technology-based and digital company.

'' This type of contest has the particularity of linking multidisciplinary teams, which greatly strengthens the development of high impact project. In our University we have been working for some time with the same methodologies, which is a considerable advance, thinking that our future professionals may at some point be part of this type of instances, "said Álvarez.

The event considered the keynote speech of Steve Blank, one of the most important authors in the development of startup methodologies and the participation of important national and international mentors for the monitoring and support of projects.

The participants also had the opportunity to know the facilities of the UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center, located in the San Joaquín Campus, a building that will be inaugurated shortly and that will house important companies for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship worldwide.