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sciences day 1

The purpose of the activity was to mobilize Science from the University of La Serena to the community.

A morning of entertainment and new knowledge had the members of the educational community of the San Martin de Porres School, thanks to the holding of the First Day of Science and Entertaining Health, an activity in which teachers and students of various careers attached to the Faculty of Sciences of the University of La Serena and that is part of the collaborative work between the establishment located in The Companies and the macro unit of the ULS.

Academics, students, technicians and para-pedants belonging to the careers of Kinesiology, Dentistry, Nursing, Computer Engineering, Bachelor's Degree in sciences day 2Astronomy, Pedagogy in Biology and Natural Sciences, Pedagogy in Chemistry and Natural Sciences, and Pedagogy in Mathematics and Computing, had the opportunity to share with students, parents, parents, teachers, directors and school service personnel, through the realization of workshops, equipment samples, career promotion, first aid, healthy eating, computers, mathematics, physical activities, biology, among other initiatives.

The First Day of Science and Entertaining Health, sought to mobilize the Science from the University of La Serena to the community, collect information for the generation of future activities of the different careers of the Faculty, to promote the educational development of the San Colegio community Martín de Porres, and the direct connection of the students of the University with the needs of the community.

"I am very satisfied with the success of the 1º Science and Health Fun Days, within the framework of the collaboration agreement between the San Martín de Porres School and the University of La Serena, through the Faculty of Sciences. Our Faculty, as part of a State University, committed to its region, and in accordance with its educational model of sciences day 3To train professionals with social responsibility, we have made 80 students part of our careers in the different activities carried out, contributing with energy, joy and knowledge. Similarly, this Conference could not have been completed without the commitment of school directors, career coordinators, Department directors, academics, para-professionals and technicians of our Faculty, "said the dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Gustavo Labbé .

While the director of the establishment, Wilson Gonzalez, explained that the direction of the College '' considers a tremendous day lived last Saturday, a spectacular response from the entire educational community, which turned in a massive way to participate in this fact that I qualify as historical, because there is no event like this done previously during the fourteen years of life of this educational establishment.

In addition, he stressed that "ULS has given a strong signal to the community of the fourth region of its role as an agent of human promotion and knowledge development, making its mission and vision clear, positioning itself as the State University of our Region of Coquimbo. ''.