1 regulation delivery

In the presence of the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, directors, officials and special guests, the University of La Serena, through the Human Resources Department, held the ceremony of official delivery of the "Internal Regulation of Order, Hygiene and Safety of the University of La Serena ", document designed to regulate work procedures, occupational hazards and other activities to which officials of organizations with more than ten workers are exposed.

During the presentation of the document, the director of Human Resources of the U. of La Serena, Hector Bugueño, said that "ensuring a decent work environment and mutual respect among workers and preventing occupational hazards, is a permanent purpose of the institution; the launching of the Internal Regulation of Order, Hygiene and Safety, is the answer to this requirement ".

Bugueño also thanked all those who contributed in the definition of this document, "among them the Department of Risk Prevention, Joint Committees of the different Campus, the Rector and higher authorities for advancing in this subject of great relevance that allows to regulate, dignify the condition of workers, where people are respected and valued. ''

Later, the person in charge of the Department of Risk Prevention of the institution, Verónica Antiñirre, developed a presentation referring to the details of the 2 regulation deliveryregulation and its scope, highlighting the historical progress that Chile has had in this regard and that seeks to be at par within the international context.

He also addressed the importance for all members of the institution, to know this document, in order to act appropriately in different aspects of working life within the organization and participate as a community in the process of establishing a culture preventive

Finally, a symbolic delivery was made, by the director of Human Resources, of a printed copy of the "Internal Regulation of Order, Hygiene and Safety of the University of La Serena" to the Rector of the University of La Serena, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, and the Vice Chancellor for Economic and Administrative Affairs, Dr. Marcela Aguirre.

The ceremony was attended by institutional authorities headed by the Rector of the ULS, the vice-rector for Economic and Administrative Affairs, the director of Student Affairs, Mg. Miguel Zuleta, the director of Teaching, Mg. Laura Vega, the director of General Services, Marcos Sepulveda, the legal advisor of the ULS, Elizabeth Escobar, the head of the Risk Prevention Department of the Mutual de Seguridad, Víctor Riquelme, and officials from the different departments of the state establishment.