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fabian araya

The solemn ceremony was held in August during the First Ibero-American Meeting of Geographical Education and Citizenship in the aforementioned Peruvian institution.

At the ceremony, the academic of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of the University of La Serena, Dr. Fabián Araya Palacios, received a distinction issued by trade of the collegiate bodies and rectory of the National University of Trujillo for people who have developed contributions to the discipline at international level. Along with it, he received a medal and the red ribbon as a visiting professor.

The academic thanked the distinction and valued the recognition. “It was something very solemn and exciting for me. I was very glad to have been able to represent our University of La Serena at that ceremony. I thank everyone who has always given me support to be able to represent national and international instances to the University, ”he said.

The ceremony also allowed to distinguish other personalities from Peru, Spain, Portugal and Brazil, an instance that generates a positioning and recognition of the different edges that comprise geographical and citizen education.