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The urgency of the water issue is a tangible reality in the area, and that is why the study house organized Water and Development Seminar, with a panel of invited experts who will also address legal aspects and modification of the water code.

In order to provide concrete solutions to the water shortage that affects the Coquimbo Region, and from the diagnosis made by different expert entities in the field, such as PROMMRA, CEAZA and CAZALAC, it is that the University of La Serena organized a Seminar de Agua y Desarrollo, which will take place on Friday at 09: 00 hrs. in the Aula Magna of the University.

In this activity, people from the political, social and academic world will participate, who will discuss the existing alternatives to face the drought, and where experts from the area have taken an important role for what has been categorized as “a critical event”, according to researchers.

The University of La Serena in partnership with the Association of Rural Municipalities of the North Chico will generate a space for conversation about water available for human consumption in rural sectors, as well as on the basis of a legislative view, addressing the modifications to the code of water, its repercussions and benefits, by Senator Adriana Muñoz and Deputy Sergio Gahona.

Also present will be the academic of the University of Concepción, Dr. Rodrigo Bórquez, who together with professionals and researchers from the PROMMRA ULS laboratory, will present about the technical and innovation proposals for seawater desalination and rainwater infiltration , both techniques that seek to take advantage of the scarce resource that today is so necessary in the Coquimbo Region.

The activity is aimed at public officials, neighborhood and community leaders or farmers interested in deepening the issue of water, drought and its impact on the regional community.