music online

The realization of training for teachers is contemplated, in order to expand the group of effective users of this pedagogical tool.

From a new database, which is preferably directed to careers related to music, but which equally serves any user of the institution, has the Library System of the University of La Serena (SIBULS). '' Music Online Premium from Alexander Street '', which aims to provide the largest source of information with streaming audio and reference materials. In addition, it has more than 500 hours of video, 100 thousand pages of reference, sorted by genre, clips, scores and others.

'' The system is multiplatform, several users can, for example, work with the same score at the same time, which does not happen with paper support. It works from a computer to a smartphone and also has associated elements such as the QR code that is saved like any other file, '' said the head of the ULS Library System, Héctor García.

According to the multiple possibilities that the base offers, the user can create playlists, listen to the audio or access reference materials. '' We are the first university in Chile to subscribe, it is a new provider in Chile, but it has worked in universities in Colombia, Argentina and Brazil, as well as being highly recognized in the United States, '' García said.

The person in charge of SIBULS indicated that dissemination is currently taking place through the library's fanpage and some trainings are programmed for teachers, in order to broaden the group of effective users of this interesting pedagogical tool. '' This database is validated by the network of the University of La Serena and hosted on an external server that is the provider, '' he explained.

With the addition of '' Music Online Premium from Alexander Street '', you can travel from Mozart's work to more recent sounds like Jazz or Pop.