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talk steel

Professionals of the company Bbosch Estructuras, made a talk in which they explained the alternative: “Hot Galvanized Steel”.

The College of Engineers (Colinge) together with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of La Serena (FIULS), made the technical talk on "Steel Construction" according to Chilean regulations, making known the opportunities and challenges in Relation to this topic. The activity was attended by authorities, academics, members of the Colinge, civil constructors and representatives of the College of Architects.

Raúl Vergara, president of the Zonal Coquimbo College of Engineers, said that “first of all the Faculty of Engineering is essential for the College of Engineers, it is positive that every day teachers, students and partners are aware of the progress and application of the forefront of technologies in the field of industry, and the possibilities of how it is being investigated in applied terms. ”

While Cristian Sánchez, technical support in Coating of the company Bboch, commented that “the idea is to understand phenomenology and understand why the issue of corrosion happens. Understanding that, we see the rules and how they can help us protect ourselves, there are coating alternatives. What the workshop shows is hot dipped galvanizing and its applications in concrete reinforcement barrier structure ”.

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ing. Mauricio Godoy, in relation to the initiative, stressed: “we thank the College of Engineers for this technical talk and tell them that the Faculty of Engineering has open doors to continue developing activities, projects and everything we can do together. The workshop, without a doubt, very interesting and allowed us to learn more about the hot galvanized steel alternative ”.

Written by María José Barraza, Project FIULS 2030