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The beneficiaries of the program are students from third and fourth middle of the educational establishment.

The Accompaniment and Effective Access to Higher Education Program, PACE ULS, together with the Pedro Regalado de Videla Ordenes Lyceum of the Andacollo commune, carried out a Participatory Project focused on contributing to the vocational decision of the students of the establishment.

pp pace2The project called “Conducting visits to support our vocational decision”, was aimed at promoting the development of the post-secondary life project for third and fourth year middle school students through guided visits, according to their specialty, to educational institutions superior and to companies of technical areas of the region, in order to complement their vocational knowledge through experience.

The instance lasted 3 days, in which more than 120 students knew, according to their interest, the University of La Serena, CEDUC UCN, Hotel Diego de Almagro and the Electricity Company TRANSELEC.

Valery González, student of the 4to C Company Adm. Technician of the Pedro Regalado Videla High School, said: “I found this visit excellent, a nice experience to visit the Diego de Almagro Hotel, since it is very different to explain the matters in the I license you to see everything theoretical in practice within a company, hotel in this case. I was very attracted by the attitude of the staff, as was the work within it; It is different from what I thought, since from the outside you see that the work is simple, but now that I saw it from the inside there is a team, planning and above all teamwork. ”

pp pace3On the participatory projects of the PACE Program, the student added: "They are great, since they are an opportunity that is not given to anyone and in the end we as a course knew how to take advantage of it and gain new experiences for our lives."

Along the same lines, Tirare Castro, a student of the 3ero C Technician in Business Administration of the high school, highlighted the experience and was “grateful for this opportunity to know the hotel thanks to the PACE Program, since this participatory project allows us to be here in the city of La Serena knowing the work that is done in a hotel as beautiful as the one we visited ”.

Finally, Óscar Mercado, a student of 4to Media C Technical in Business Administration, said: “It was great, I liked it very much, knowing the facilities and knowing more in depth how is the service of a hotel inside; I was struck by the process of cleaning and order, in addition to the treatment of workers. I think the program is excellent, since it gives us this kind of opportunity to see other realities. ”

Written by Daniel Aguayo, PACE ULS Program