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inclusion1 seminar

The activity featured presentations by different professionals, experts in topics related to different experiences and challenges in disability.

With the aim of being a learning space on the sexual rights of people with disabilities, the inclusion project of the University of La Serena held the seminar “Let's talk about that? Sexual and Reproductive Rights: Experiences and Challenges in Disability ”, on Thursday, September 5.inclusion2 seminar

The activity had exhibitions by the lawyer Claudio Pinto, expert in disability law; the researcher in anthropology and diploma in gender and culture, Patricia Aguirre, and the kinesiologist and assistant professor at the University of Chile, Mg. Jame Rebolledo, who talked about the challenges that society must face on the occasion of integration.

The academic of the Department of Education and coordinator of the ULS 1799 project, Dr. Georgina García, referred to the importance of generating spaces for the development of a more tolerant society. “People with disabilities, regardless of grade or type, have the same rights as any person, and it is necessary that the State and civil society do our best to guarantee the rights of equality, participation and autonomy of all people, with or without disability, ”he emphasized.

The activity was attended by authorities, members of different organizations focused on integration and students from different houses of studies.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom