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The members of the PACE and LEARN programs of the house of studies organized working days to receive visitors from the southern university.

Teams of the Accompaniment programs PACE and APRENDE ULS, participated in the meeting of Institutions of Higher Education (IES) together with representatives of the University of Aysén, in order to share experiences of inclusion in tertiary education.

pace aysen2These meetings are intended for tertiary education entities to share their working methods, in order to create feedback and thus improve the work being done in the respective university campuses.

The Inclusion coordinator and executive PACE of said university, Francisco Vio, explained the reasons for the realization of this meeting and pointed out that “on the recommendation of support professionals from MINEDUC, they asked to visit the ULS, with the objective of learn from their experiences in leadership, focus and accompaniment that they carry out with PACE teachers, tutors and students, both in the PEM component, as well as the AES component of said program ”.

The work of the day was raised under three themes: visualize and detect other support and accompaniment approaches in the PEM component with establishments, managers, teachers, attorneys and students; know successful and not so successful strategies in the AES accompaniment; and learn about experiences and inclusion approaches that have been implemented in regional universities.

For the professional social worker PACE ULS, Ricardo Carmona, it was very enriching to know how the PEM PACE Aysén team works with the students of the program. “The proposal of work within the PEM component with teachers and the integrative practices taken to the classroom are a good experience that appears as an opportunity to develop (..) the integration that they carry out between schools and the community by including the work of the TP schools and their expertise, through learning in practice with local productive areas, is a learning that can be considered within our work as a good strategy, ”he said.

On the other hand, the academic mentor of the APRENDE ULS team, Elizabeth Fuentes, deepened and said “I think it is relevant to know other experiences in the accompaniment area, without a doubt, I rescue key concepts that determine the success in the work that the PACE team does the University of Aysén and that would contribute significantly in the work of our work. The prejudice and daring of innovation, the close relationship with students, the link with the environment, the sense of belonging in the social and university culture encompass a proposal with social and emotional sense in the response of support linked to learning ”.

In turn, the coordinator of the PEM Component PACE U. Aysén, Enzo Montesino, said: “I want to thank the teams of the PACE Accompaniment programs and LEARN, for their welcome and willingness to share knowledge and experiences, it was a day very enjoyable, in which we could see the best that each of our institutions is doing for the students, so that they can overcome their own barriers and become professionals in the future ”.

Written by Daniel Aguayo, PACE ULS Program