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Exchange students join careers in the four faculties of the state campus.

Twelve exchange students from Germany, Colombia, Spain and Mexico joined the University of La Serena to pursue an academic semester in various careers of the institution.

Exchange2One of these students is Melanie Schautt, from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich (Germany), who joins Ing. In Business Administration (Tourism mention. “I hope to learn a lot in the University, especially the language and also academically. , we will learn a lot from the culture, and that is very important because I study Tourism. I love being here, ”said the young woman.

While Hernán Gutiérrez, a student from the University of Colima (Mexico) and who joins the career of Mechanical Civil Engineering, stressed that as a group “they are sure to do their best and that the University will continue to welcome us in this way, that is the best. To realize an academic mobility is a dream that we have always had, although we have different interests, but in the end all these are accompanied by a unique experience of study that expands the perspective we have of the world and marks us forever ”.

During a welcome breakfast, the Academic Vice Chancellor, Dr. Alejandra Torrejón, on behalf of the Rector ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, appreciated that this group of young people place their trust in the University to complement their studies in those disciplines of interest. "This exchange program is a very important opportunity for student development, and we hope that this stay will be a momentous moment in their lives and that they can generate bonds of friendship between their peers and their teachers," he said.Exchange3

In addition, he highlighted the work carried out for years by the Office of International Relations, stating that “for the University of La Serena it is essential to maintain links with institutions for student exchange, especially with those that exist common academic areas. And so it has been, since hundreds of students have had, to date, the opportunity to improve and advance their studies in our institution. ”

The exchange students who join the careers of Engineer in Business Administration, Civil Mechanical Engineering, Dentistry, Pedagogy in History and Geography, Pedagogy in Spanish and Philosophy, Nursing, Law, Industrial Civil Engineering and Pedagogy In Musical Education, they were able to share with authorities, managers and professionals of the house of studies in an activity in which, in addition, they were given a piocha from the ULS.

Written by Gonzalo Lozano, DirCom

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