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tic1 seminar

The activity was developed in the context of the cooperation agreement between ULS and CRESUR of Mexico from the 2016, where they work to finalize the “4.0 Technology Classroom” project.

In order to generate a space for discussion and reflection on the use of information and communications technologies and the impact that can be generated in an academic context, the Department of Education of the University of La Serena and the Regional Center for Teacher Training and Educational Research and Educational Research (CRESUR) of Mexico held the First International Seminar "Education and Technology: Building Education of the Future".

tic2 seminarThe activity was attended by the Academic Secretary of CRESUR, Dr. Víctor Avendaño; of the academic of the Autonomous University of Madrid, Dr. Joaquín Paredes and of academics and researchers of the ULS, Dr. Héctor Bugueño, Mg. Jean Mery, Dr. Francisco Roco, Dr. Jaime Montes, Francisco López and Dr. Hugo Tapia, who, through various presentations and interventions in a panel discussion, reflected on the education of the future from the new multimedia context of new technologies.

For the Director of the Department of Education, Dr. Jaime Montes, it is important that these spaces for reflection have the participation of the university community. "It is good that academics and students are part of these events, since it allows future critical professionals to be trained, through spaces like this, to speak out and raise their ideas in the face of various situations," he said.

For its part, for the Academic Secretary of CRESUR, Dr. Víctor Avendaño, activities of this type generate spaces for relevant dialogues for the training of future professionals. “It is important to carry out this event to know what teachers and students think to work according to what the university community needs, and the important thing is to build and debate so that future professors graduated from the University of La Serena have the tools to work with students of the 21st century, ”he said.

tic3 seminarThe activity took place between the 5 and the 6 in September in the auditorium of the Support Center for the Teaching of the Humanities ULS, and it is hoped to be able to do it 2 times a year.

Teaching with technology

This seminar was carried out thanks to the cooperation agreement between the University of La Serena and CRESUR de México, since the year 2016.

This agreement has developed a series of programs, which highlights the “Classroom Technology 4.0” project, which seeks to install a room with high technological standards in the ULS that allows teachers and students not only to learn about the use of new technologies, but how to put them at the service of the problems of the education system.

In addition to this project, both institutions have worked on the development of other programs, such as the Interdisciplinary Journal of Latin American Studies, and the collection of books "Pensares", which will contain various presentations and pedagogical texts available to ULS students.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom