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English seminar1

The fifth version of the International Seminar “Expanding Opportunities” featured exhibitors from England and Uruguay and workshops of leading national academics.

Generating instances that allow teachers and managers to know new ways of teaching English, was the main objective of the International Seminar “Expanding Opportunities”, an activity organized by the Educational Opportunity Foundation and the University of La Serena, through the Pedagogy career in English, and that he carried out on the state campus.

English seminar2The activity included the exhibitions of Susan Hillyard, founder and director of the SHELTA English Academy, and Gabriel Díaz, director of the Ludus Center for innovation and pedagogical experimentation at the Catholic University of Uruguay, who addressed new forms and importance to teach English to students from an early age.

For the Dean (s) of the Faculty of Humanities of the ULS, Carlos Ramos, it is important that these activities be carried out, focused on improving the teaching practices of teachers. “The English language has been the common language worldwide for decades; That is why learning this language is a fundamental need to meet the challenges of the 21st century. This seminar is a valuable and first level experience for teachers to analyze the best practices for teaching English in classrooms, ”he said.

For its part, the president of the Educational Opportunity Foundation, Claudia Peirano, said that, as a foundation, it is relevant to generate these spaces to contribute to improving teaching practices. “It is very important to be able to work with other academics and build collaboratively, and we feel that this is a space that contributes to it. Contributing from one part in children's learning is vital, but we know that this must be reinforced with greater spaces for pedagogical reflection of English, so creating spaces where this occurs is paramount for us, ”he said.

Together with the talks by international experts, teachers presented their peers with experiences that have allowed children to teach English in different contexts, in addition to workshops on the importance of the work of the management teams for the development of English in schools.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom

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