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To make known the advances and results of the research on the 21.120 Law of gender identity, was the main objective of the participation of the student of the Law degree at the University of La Serena in the 1 ° Student Congress of Private Law performed at the University of Concepción.

The student meeting was held in the premises of the Chillán Campus of the University of Concepción, in which various students and academics presented and disseminated various investigations in the field of Private Law.right student2

Thus, and on behalf of the University of La Serena, undergraduate student Sebastián Catalán, made the presentation "Law 21.120, which recognizes and gives protection to the Right to Gender Identity. Critical comments before its entry into force ", which consisted of an in-depth analysis of various edges of the Law.

For the Law Career Coordinator, Mg. Christian Merino, the participation of the student implied "to make known to the community the results that the undergraduate legal research shows in the subject of the Memory Seminar of the 5 year of our career".

The student Sebastián Catalán highlighted and appreciated the support received by the staff: “I especially appreciate the support of the Law and Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of the University of La Serena, because without their support this would not have been possible, also I thank the faculty of the race for their contributions to be able to make my presentation in the best possible way. ”

The link and participation of congresses and meetings is a fundamental part for the real interaction and exchange of knowledge in which the students demonstrate that the tools acquired in their house of studies have real potential for a discussion and reflection in different scenarios. which build them as future integral professionals.

Written by Paula Godoy, ULS journalist