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huachalalume3The activity was carried out by the ULS Inclusion and Disability project team at the Intercultural School of Huachalalume.

In order to provide information on autism spectrum disorder and deliver pedagogical and behavioral strategies for the care of children with this condition, the Inclusion and Disability project team at the University of La Serena held a talk at the Intercultural School of Huachalalume, which had the participation of the faculty of the education establishment together with the Coordinator of rural schools of the Local Public Education Service Puerto Cordillera, Ana Gallardo.

During the activity, the national and international legal framework on the treatment of persons with disabilities was addressed. In addition, it was contextualized on the neurocognitive profile of people with this disorder and strategies regarding the crisis management of students in school. Pedagogical strategies for the classroom were also delivered in relation to students with this condition.

In this way, the University provided support to the educational community of the Huachalalume establishment, generating links for future training with the Local Public Education Service, thus supporting the public education of the commune.