pace1 talk

Students with an interest in pedagogies were those who participated in this activity.

Students of 7 educational establishments of the PACE UCN Program of the Coquimb Region, and who are interested in studying pedagogy, participated in the talk: "What silence teachers: myths and truths", by teachers who are part of the teams of the PACE and LEARN Program of the University of La Serena.

pace2 talkThe activity is inserted in the work guidelines of the Accompaniment and Access to Higher Education Program, PACE, so the teams of the programs of the Catholic University of the North and of ULS generated the link, in order that the Students could know the facilities of the house of higher studies and conclude the so-called: "Third Day for the strengthening of pedagogical skills".

The talk was held in the Television Studio of the School of Journalism and was in charge of the PACE ULS Communications area. On the day, teachers who are part of the programs shared their experience as teachers.

The professionals who participated in the talk were: Marcela Altamirano, monitoring coordinator APRENDE ULS; Felipe Correa, mentor Mathematics LEARN ULS; Tamara Cortés, mentor of Language and Com .; Jovanna González, academic manager PEM PACE and Rodrigo Vega, academic manager AES PACE.

Celia Rojas, facilitator of the PEM UCN Component, thanked “the exhibitors for the love with which they prepared their presentations for the students, it is very pleasant for me that the boys have had this experience, we appreciate their collaboration and link as Institutions of Higher Education , since our goal as a PACE Program is the students ”.

pace3 talkOn the other hand, María Angélica Alfaro, teacher of the José José Herde Pohler Polyvalent High School in the community of Canela and one of the teachers present, appreciated the completion of this instance. “For students it is very important to see the reality of the teacher's life, which sometimes they see us as the one who passes matter or they idealize us, but we are human beings. I see my colleagues who presented with a lot of passion and congratulated the PACE team at the University of La Serena and that they continue in this duo with UCN, ”he said.

Vicente Hidalgo, a student at the State of Israel Administration and Commerce Institute in Coquimbo, said: “it opened my eyes to the world of teaching, it seemed like a very good intervention. In addition to that, it was very emotional to be able to listen to one of the teachers who accompanies one of the groups say that he is already retiring and that he fulfilled his goal as a teacher and as a person, it was incredible ”.

While Jocelyn Milla, a student at Pichasca School in Río Hurtado, said that in the activity “they taught many things we did not know about pedagogy and this makes us motivate ourselves to study some pedagogy, listening to teachers of different ages showed the work they do in and out of schools. For me it was super. ”

The educational establishments that participated in the conference were: Carmen Aurora Rodríguez de Tongoy High School, Carlos Mondaca Cortés de Vicuña High School, Republic of Chile School and Cerro Guayaquil de Monte Patria School, Pichasca School, State of Israel Administration and Commerce Institute and Father High School José Herde Pohler.

Written Daniel Aguayo, PACE ULS Program