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A tour of the main facilities of the School of Journalism and the Andrés Bello Campus of the University of La Serena, was carried out by nearly 60 students of the Ignacio de Loyola de Illapel School after their interest in this and other careers of the house of studies.

The Digital Content Room, the Radio and Television studios, and the Digital Edition Laboratory were the centers visited by the students, who were pleasantly surprised with the infrastructure that the School possesses.

visit journalism2The Director of the School of Journalism, Mg. Cristian Muñoz Catalán, valued the visit and invited other schools. “For us this is important because there is an interaction with the students, where they are shown the dependencies of the School. And this certainly helps us position ourselves early in future cohorts that can opt for the School of Journalism and the University of La Serena as their home of studies, ”he said.

The experience for the school group caused a high interest and motivation for communications. “This tour was very different from what we have seen before because we have visited only scientific fields, so we had never had the experience of being able to do things more didactically like here in Journalism,” said Josefa Morales, a student at 3º middle of the school .

Also, for Maura Nilo, student of the same course, her interest in studying this career increased: “Now that we came to see the headquarters I liked the infrastructure they have in areas such as computing, radio, the informative talks of the race and, in addition, It is a very spacious place, ”he said.

For their professor and graduate of the University of La Serena, Graciela Castillo, these instances are important because they bring students closer to university life, highlighting that “I heard them say, after the exercise they were done, that they would like to study Journalism, they were very excited especially when they understand that the race is not only television, but also has other areas where they can perform. ”

The experience allowed the students to know, through the experiences, the different edges covered by the Journalism career and thus approach the different technological inputs that allow the integral development between the theoretical and practical of the area.

Written by Consuelo Peña, School of Journalism