For internal informants, the institutional aspiration was to summon at least 30% of all of its members per estate; while for external, the 15%. In 15 days, ULS demonstrated the commitment of its community and strategic partners, with the future and significance of its institutional project.
The report of this Friday 13 of September, at noon, gave an account of the success of the process of calling for participation in the Survey of Key Informants of the Institutional Self-Assessment Process.
All the Internal Key Informant segments exceeded the 30% participation barrier, a goal self-imposed by the institution for this instrument of mass consultation. "The response of the community gives an account of the commitment that exists to make the ULS every day, a better institution. From the central organization of the process, multiple corporate efforts were designed and deployed to reach the university levels with the message and also, to the external informants, and we are deeply grateful for the response that, clearly, already shows a community alive and involved with its institutional development, "commented the Director of Strategic Communication, Mg. Carola Espinoza, responsible for the communication strategy of the ULS Self-Assessment.
The survey closes Friday 13 at 23: 59 hrs. and even greater participation is expected, especially, from the ULS graduates segment -from the last five years- who have the goal of reaching at least 15% of responses.