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The celebration consisted of various typical activities, in addition to musical performances by artistic groups of the house of studies.

With the high participation of the university community, the University of La Serena, through the Human Resources Department, held the traditional celebration of Fiestas Patrias.

parties2In the early hours it was the turn of typical games, such as hopscotch or spinning top, so that the members of the community could enjoy various cultural expressions; and later, the traditional toast of Fiestas Patrias was carried out, an activity that had the participation of authorities, executives, academic and non-academic officials, students and representatives of collaborating institutions.

During the activity and after the intonation of the national anthem, the Director of Human Resources, Miguel Sánchez, gave a greeting to the university community, where he referred to the importance of commemorating these dates. “This is a very important day, since it has allowed us to enjoy different artistic expressions and, at the same time, allows us to remember that, as an institution, we are part of the country's history and has allowed us to meet to participate as a university community” he indicated.

The celebration of the 2019 National Holidays in the ULS contemplated the participation of the Azhares Women's Tuna, the presentation of the Folkloric Projection Ensemble of the house of studies, and ended with a cueca in charge of the cueca workshop aimed at officials.

parties3Together with the artistic presentations, the Human Resources Department presented the awards to the officials who won the traditional popular games. This is how Victoria Viera and Miguel Trejo (win the bull), Sandra Tarifeño and Mauro Cuello (top), Rosa Uribe and Guillermo Blanco (emboque), Claudia Galleguillos and Francisco Espejo (Emboque), and Claudia Plaza and Mauro Cuello were rewarded (horseshoe).

In addition, the 3 units with the greatest participation in these activities were rewarded, being awarded the officials of the Dentistry, Student Welfare and the Directorate of Strategic Development and Quality.

Finally, recognition was given to officials Luis Carrasco and María José Araya for their participation as professors of the cueca workshop aimed at officials.

The commemoration activity concluded with the delivery of refreshments for all those present.

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Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom