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The activity sought to provide information on the objectives, processes and activities of inclusive education of the ULS 1799 project.

In order to provide information on the objectives, processes and activities of inclusive education developed by the ULS 1799 project, the team of this institutional body met with academics from the Music Department of the house of studies.

inclusion music2In addition to providing details of the international and national legal context on inclusive education for people with disabilities, the ULS Inclusion Project team shared information on the objective and actions promoted in relation to teaching, related to curricular adjustments, development of workshops on learning techniques and social skills with the target students, teacher training in pedagogical strategies for diversity, among others.

Similarly, in terms of research, the participation of the person in charge of the project and academic of the Department of Education, Dr. Georgina Gracia Escala, in the CUECH Research Network (Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion and Interculturality), and the guidance and support for undergraduate and postgraduate research in the subject.

In relation to the link with the environment, training was given to teachers of the regular education system and students with a graduate profile; the realization of motivational talks to students with disabilities, their parents and teachers; and participation in inclusive higher education networks (regional, national and international. Management issues were also discussed, where the project keeps institutional authorities informed of public policies regarding disability, and students participate and give their opinions on the design and implementation of project activities.

With the development of this activity, the processes of inclusive education made to date by the ULS 1799 project team were made known and teachers' concerns were resolved regarding the link to the project of students with disabilities, and pedagogical strategies to facilitate the inclusion of students with different types of disabilities.