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This is a theoretical study by Professor Gabriel Gálvez Silva, from the Department of Music.

The recently published 65 issue of Aisthesis, Chilean Journal of Aesthetic Research (PUC Institute of Aesthetics, Elsevier, SciELO) incorporates an article from the Department of Music of the ULS Faculty of Humanities. This is "For an archeology of consciousness: the cardinality of music in María Zambrano", a theoretical study by Professor Gabriel Gálvez Silva where it is proposed to illuminate the paradigmatic or cardinal role of music within the work of the Spanish philosopher.

Considering the transformation overcome by the speech of the exiled Zambrano, according to the unamuniano concept of metarritmisis, the investigation of the academic stops especially around how the thinker endorses the figure of Antigone, buried alive, as an example of a sacrificial “time delivery” enabling this musical metamorphosis.

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Aisthesis is a biannual publication specialized in aesthetic studies that aims to enhance interdisciplinary dialogue through research focused, preferably, in the Chilean and Latin American territory.

Source: Faculty of Humanities