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rodolfo kusch

In the activity, Dr. Mónica Fernández will present “Critical Validity of Geocultural Methodology”. In addition, during his visit to the ULS, he will speak at the Conversation Board “Epistemologies of the South and Insurgent Pedagogy”.

The outstanding academic, Dr. Mónica Fernández, professor-researcher of the Department of Social Sciences of the National University of Quilmes, Argentina, will participate in various activities next Monday 30 September at the University of La Serena, organized by the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of Latin American Studies (CIEL) in conjunction with the Center for Human Rights Studies and the Philosophy Area of ​​the ULS Department of Education.

The first is the tribute to the Latin American philosopher Rodolfo Kusch to 40 years after his death, which will be held at 11: 30 hrs. in the Marta Vitar Hall of the CADH (Isabel Bongard Campus). On the occasion, the Argentine academic will give the talk: “Critical Validity of Geocultural Methodology”.

Subsequently, from the 16: 30 hrs. In the Multipurpose Room of the same Campus, the Conversation Table "Epistemologies of the South and Insurgent Pedagogy" will be developed, where the guest speaker will address the "Education, Citizenship and Human Rights".


Mónica Fernández is a PhD in Philosophy (UNLA), Master in Human Rights (UNLP) and a degree in Education (UNQ). The professional, who has published dissemination articles and book chapters, is the director of the CReCER Project (Creating Citizen, Educational and Responsible Networks) and a member of the "Rights of All and All. Triple Framing Program: access, knowledge management and practices recognition ", of the Secretariat of University Extension (UNQ).

In addition, she serves as director of the Inter-American Network for the Exchange of Educational Experiences to Promote Human Rights Education (RIIEEPEDH) and professor of the Research Program: Speeches, Practices and Educational Institutions directed by prof. Ricardo Baquero, which is made up of several projects, all of them occupied in subjects related to teaching and research at different educational levels.

Written by Gonzalo Lozano, DirCom