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The initiative arose in the context of the lines of work of the Applied R&D and Linkage axes with the FIULS 2030 Project Industry.

In order to define the lines of work between the International Center for Numerical Methods (CIMNE) of Spain and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of La Serena, a coordination meeting was held to develop a collaborative work in teaching, research and transfer of knowledge in numerical methods and engineering.

The center is a research organization created in 1987 at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), as an association between the Government of Catalonia and the UPC, in cooperation with UNESCO.

In the instance, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering ULS, Dr. Ing. Mauricio Godoy, said that “we are very excited to have this strategic alliance, it is a great opportunity to deepen our academic ties with scientists worldwide, with participation of students and also to further deepen research in numerical methods, according to the needs of our region ”.

For its part, the director of the Applied R&D Axis and Linking with the FIULS 2030 Project Industry, Mg. Ing. Paulina González, indicated that “we were in meetings with regional companies and there is much interest in this project. We will meet the needs of the industry and we will deliver solutions through the software and equipment that we will have in the CIMNE Classroom ”.

The CIMNE classroom researcher in Spain, Francisco Zárate, stressed that “the idea of ​​the association is not only to develop scientific work, but also a joint project that allows the exchange of academics and students. It is a door that opens in which students can be sent to do research and in any classroom in the world, this is a fairly powerful network. ”

Regarding the alliance between FIULS and AULA CIMNE, the director of the FIULS CIMNE Classroom, Dr. Ing. Jaime Campbell, said that “this project is very interesting, with many areas of work together, there are many possibilities with other institutions that can be see in other classrooms CIMNES. Opportunities open for our academics and students for the development of applied research. ”

FIULS 2030

The initiative to work together with CIMNE Classroom, arose in the context of the lines of work of the Applied R&D and Linkages with Industry and International Relations and Mobility, of the FIULS 2030 Project.

Written by María José Barraza, Project FIULS 2030