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This course seeks to provide support to academics of the house of studies, in the process involved in the publication on teaching in higher education.

After the great participation and interest on the part of the academics of the house of studies in its first version, the Vice-Rectory of Research and Postgraduate of the University of La Serena began the second version of the academic writing course, which seeks to support to the teachers of the institution in the process involved in academic publication, both in a relevant educational experience or in a research on teaching.

2 writingAs in its first version, this course is aimed at academics who are starting to prepare academic publications, with a theme focused on teaching in higher education.

“This second version of the academic writing course is taking place following the acceptance of its first version. This is a course that seeks to strengthen research in teaching within the University, delivering tools for academics to be able to write and publish the work they do inside the house of studies, ”said the Vice Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate, Dr Eduardo Notte, regarding the beginning of this course.

One of its participants, the academic of the Department of Industrial Engineering, David Gómez, said that these “are important instances for teachers who work on research issues and it is always good to be learning. I think it is excellent that the University is concerned with carrying out these types of spaces that contribute to the development of research ”.

The course is taught by Dr. Haylen Perines, of the ULS Multidisciplinary Research Institute in Science and Technology, and consists of 4 sessions, with a total of 14 hours of work.

Written by Tomás Rodríguez, DirCom