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The plantations of the species will be carried out once a month, covering the north, west 1 and west 2 hillsides of the Andrés Bello Campus. The initiative also contemplates the maintenance, cleaning and permanent irrigation for all the areas involved.

Aware that we must be environmentally friendly, the members of the community of the University of La Serena actively participated in the planting of more than 100 tree species on the slope of the Andrés Bello Campus, as part of the Integral Reforestation Program that The institution develops.

reforesta2The program, which has been carried out in phases since the year 2018 and that has demanded the coordination of different units of the central administration, commissioned by the Rector Nibaldo Avilés, began the planting stage, mainly of native plant species and of low water requirement , and the implementation of physical works that make its use more efficient.

"The execution of this program will contribute to the Strategic Plan for Institutional Development 2016-2020 where the assurance of an adequate quality standard for university functions is declared," said the academic of the Department of Biology and Director of Research and Postgraduate, Dr. Cristian Ibáñez, who was entrusted with the mission of coordinating this work.

The manager added that the first day of afforestation "marks a very important milestone, since the three levels, AFULS, FEULS, and academics, have been engaged in a sensitive issue and that seeks to sensitize the entire community on the environmental issue."

It should be noted that those who participated in this first afforestation were volunteers who freely signed up to cooperate in an initiative that seeks not only to beautify the environment of one of the most emblematic campuses of the University, but also to raise awareness, in some way, of the value that the vegetation has for the environment.

reforesta3One of the volunteer students, Heidi Mansilla, of Civil Mining Engineering, highlighted the initiative and said she was happy to be part of it. “It is very good that this kind of thing is done among all, because that way we are raising awareness of how important it is to take care of the environment. We just hope that the whole community takes care of what we are doing, and that it serves as an example for future generations, ”he said.

Written by Patricia Castro, DirCom