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The Antakari team is preparing to compete in this important race that will take place from 13 to October 20.

The Antakari team and the Intikallpa V solar car from the University of La Serena, built by a team of students and academics from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, are already in Australia to compete and represent the ULS, the country to Latin America, in the World Challenge 2019, where you must cross three thousand kilometers of race in the desert of the oceanic country.

This is the third participation of the ULS vehicle in this race, standing out in this opportunity for being the only Latin American solar car present in the most important world competition of its kind, which will take place from the 13 to the October 20.

Unlike the predecessor vehicle (Intikallpa IV), in this new construction, materials used in Formula 1 cars, fighter jets and sailboats were considered. It has a more aerodynamic design than the previous one, in its front part, which allows to reduce energy consumption by 15%.

The academic of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the ULS and professional in charge of the execution of the Intikallpa project, Camilo Moreno, said that “the biggest change we are making has to do with the shape of the car, to make it more efficient in aerodynamics and in weight. This vehicle cuts the air much better between 40%, reducing energy consumption and maintaining efficiency. ”

On the participation in the competition, the academic of this unit, Francisca Jure, indicated that “now we go with much more experience, two years ago we made links with the teams of Belgium, Japan and Sweden, which have a better level. We have collected a lot of information and we will apply everything now. ”

For his part, the Rector of the ULS, Dr. Nibaldo Avilés, along with highlighting this new participation of the University prototype in the competition and wishing the greatest success to the team, valued the capacity, effort and dedication of their members, "which has allowed them to be in the world's top ten in solar vehicle technology, which fills us with pride as a community."

While the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of La Serena, Dr. Ing. Mauricio Godoy, said that “it is a pride to have the best solar car in Chile, we appreciate the support of the Rector and the University. At the moment we are top ten worldwide and currently aspire to be among the top three places in Australia. Competing with the four best universities in the world and with countries like Japan and the Netherlands, really positions the University of La Serena worldwide in these technologies. ”

Outstanding participation in World Solar Challenge

In the year 2013, Intikallpa was the first Latin American vehicle to conclude the competition, reaching second place in the category. Already in the 2017, he took the tenth place in the main category of the race, after the solar car of the University of Standford.

Written by María José Barraza, Project FIULS 2030