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Jose Mora

The distinction “Governor Enrique Tomás Cresto” will be conferred in the Senate of the Argentine Nation, in Buenos Aires.

An important recognition of the contribution made by the University of La Serena to Latin American integration, through the Office of International Relations, and the trajectory of the Director of RRII ULS, is the one that will receive Mg. José Mora, to whom the distinction “Governor Enrique Tomás Cresto” will be conferred, instituted by the Senate of the Nation; the Argentine Federation of Municipalities; the Latin American Federation of Cities, Municipalities and Associations of Local Governments; the Municipal Area Integration System South Area and the Shalom Club.

The distinction "Leaders for Development: Governor Enrique Tomás Cresto" is given to political leaders, legislators, government officials, representatives of intermediate institutions, academics, social and popular workers, teachers, researchers and entrepreneurs from different Latin American countries that stand out for their work for the benefit of their communities and the welfare of society.

In a letter, Deputy Mayda Rosana Cresto and Senator Pedro Guillermo Guastavino emphasize that this recognition is given for the contribution to regional integration in Latin America, "as 'Leader for Development', highlighting his career and the innovative approach of his actions as contributions to the well-being of our communities ”.

The recognition that bears the name of the former Entre Rican governor was instituted 18 years ago and is part of the Support Program for Local Government Initiatives, which seeks to bring to the forefront of the international agenda the definition of a development strategy that promotes the recognition of the Latin American continent, worrying about the destiny of our regions and countries.

The award ceremony will take place in the Hall of Lost Steps of the Palace of the National Congress of the Argentine Republic (Buenos Aires).